January 4, 2022
Brian Nguyen, MBA
Mobile app engagement

Importance of In-App Purchase In Mobile Marketing

What Does In-App Purchase Mean?

Today nearly everyone has cell phones. Without applications, you can't utilize your portable. In the realm of computerized showcasing, portable advertising has created through the assistance of uses. This makes the shopper allowed to settle on any acquisition of their decision in the application through the choice called buy in the application.

What is In-App Purchasing?

In-app purchase means you can easily purchase goods and services using the mobile application options. You can buy anything very easily from within the application used on your mobile. You can purchase virtual avatars and services using this in-app purchase option. It is very popular in today's e-commerce world. The application service provider grants free access to the application.

If you need to upgrade, you can get paid services and unlock special features and sales. Users can download the free version of the app and take advantage of its features through payment. This provides free apps for app developers to use.

Types of In-App Purchases


In-app purchases allow users to receive special services and features in the app. Many programs are used whether they are virtual goods and services or functions such as games, business services or even the purchase of goods online. If you want to purchase the app, there are several categories of options.


Enjoy one-time benefits with special programs. Once you use this suggestion or feature, the service is lost and can be re-obtained. This is especially useful in gaming applications. For example, if you download a free game and start the game. You need to raise the level at a certain stage.

To get the level up for preceding the game further, you can easily get the premium features and offers that enable you to break through the hurdle easily and move forward. Premium currencies are used to speed up your game and reach the high level that you are striving for.

Non Consumables

The exact opposite of a consumable purchase is a non-consumable purchase. This in-app purchase offer does not disappear even after its usage. Purchasing it once, you can enjoy all of its benefits permanently.

For instance, if you are using a cooking app, when you want to know about a particular recipe for cooking, you can easily purchase it through premium paying. Once you receive the recipe, then you can save it and use it whenever you need it. The service will not be disappeared from your app.

Subscription Purchase

Another important type of in-app purchase is subscription purchase. By purchasing a subscription in the app, you can quickly unlock the essential features you want.
The feature will be available for a while. You can use the functions you have subscribed to until the specified period.

As long as the subscription is valid, you can use it at any time when needed. After the subscription period has been completed, the content or function will be fixed again. This category of purchase is having two types. It is renewable and non-renewable contribution.

Significance of In-app Purchase

A recent study found that mobile app users increased 26% from previous payments. This app purchase allows you to purchase different types of digital goods and services through the application you are using.

Service providers can service their products and identify the functions they need. Since the use of the application is high, people involved in applications used after payment is received.

If you are in a situation where you need to exceed the current level and reach the target level directly, you can enjoy some development features for a fee. This reduces your efforts; and you can reach the desired level without any obstacles.

Level-up your In-App Purchases In 2022

Activate upsells through user behavior

One way to shop more is to create promotions for individual user behavior. Despite massive discounts and new product announcements for your entire user base, wait for people to show interest before reaching out.
The game apps fit well with this kind of upsell. Music streaming apps can also help convert free users to paying users.

Use in-app messages to promote services

In-app messages are very helpful in promoting your product. Sales, coupons, and other discounts are common usage scenarios.
Most users want to launch the app to see notifications of limited-time offers. As with stationary retail, you need to actively promote sales to impact conversions.

Encourage purchases With Push Notifications and e-Mail distribution

Mobile messaging is the best way to reduce shopping cart outages. In particular, we recommend that you focus on push notifications and email.
These two messaging channels have access to users outside the app, so it doesn't matter if they're not daily active users.
If a user adds an item to their cart but doesn't rate it, you can send an automatic follow-up to the purchase claim.

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