Luxury Fashion shopping

    MATCHESFASHION is the modern luxury shopping destination for the confident global fashion customer

  • Discover the MATCHESFASHION fashion point of view with over 650+ established and innovative designers, from Prada, Gucci and Balenciaga to Saint Laurent, Halpern and Wales Bonner. The most personal luxury shopping experience in the world
  • Seamless, unified experience online, in store, via app or at retail. Support push notifications and online account syncing
  • With more than 30 years in luxury fashion, MATCHESFASHION delivers to over 170 countries and offers 24/7 advice through MyStylist, its dedicated fashion-concierge team
  • Cloud-based database: MatchesFashion stores products in AWS RDS database Multi-AZ deployment with 3 standby instances
  • E-Commerce: pricing and order fulfillment are synced with Shopify via API
  • Integrated with two payment options: Shopify Pay and Stripe (support Visa and Mastercard)
  • Contents delivered via Cloudflare. Frontend built with ReactJs and Webpack
  • Back-end: Python and NodeJs Adonis framework

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