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    In the US, a formulary is a list of prescription drugs available to enrollees, and a tiered formulary provide financial incentives for patients to select lower-cost drugs. This app helps patients and medical professionals to look up through medical formularies and choose the best plan and drug for their need.

  • Quickly select and reselect different drugs and health plans on your mobile phone
  • Double check the selected health plan, by viewing their formulary document inside the app
  • Share the results using Facebook or Twitter , or copy the result into clipboard, or send an email with the formulary information
  • Cloud-based database: Formulary Medical covers medical formularies of 50 states, 12,000 health plans and 2,000 drugs
  • Data synchronization: we regularly pull database from CMS and National Library of Medicine' RXNorm
  • App is consistent on web, iOS, Android and Windows phone
  • Front-end: Javascript Model-View-Controller design. Back-end: Docker image running *nix hosting REST API
  • Comes with Web-based admin interface to control users, data and usage logging

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