On-demand Carpooling app

    Try the CarpoolNow app and connect with commuters just like you, going your way. It’s free, and it saves you money on every commute. CarpoolNow is an app you can use anytime to find and schedule rides.

  • On-demand carpooling services, connecting drivers offering a ride with passengers seeking a ride
  • The CarpoolNow app makes carpooling convenient for both passengers and drivers going the same way
  • CarpoolNow displays routes, estimated pick-up times, and confirms pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Cloud-based database: Carpoolnow uses PostGreSQL database to store ride requests, driver's offers and trips. Each trip points are also recorded in PostGIS objects.
  • Data synchronization: there is a daily job to synchronize all data between PostGreSQL and Oracle
  • Comes with native geolocation and native push notifications in iOS and Android; using Apple Push Notifications Service and Android Notifications
  • Front-end: Javascript Model-View-Controller, one page mobile app. Back-end: Azure image running Windows Server to host REST API and admin interface
  • Comes with Web-based admin interface to control users, ride requests, drivers' offers, trips, trip points and rewards

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